About Us

The New Britain Church Of God (Lighthouse Family Worship Center) was born out of a great desire of a few men and women who sought God with hunger for the Holy Spirit’s blessings upon them as He blessed the church in it’s beginning according to the books of Acts.

The records show that prayer meetings were being conducted in the late 1930’s and the New Britain Church of God was officially organized on February 4, 1944.

Reverend T. Seamans served as the first pastor, with his wife Grace Seamans serving as church clerk. Both of them worked at a boy’s home in Meriden, CT, a town about twenty miles away from New Britain.

The first church met in a storefront building on East Street, and then the congregation moved to a location on the corner of Laselle and Tremont Street.  This building was erected and only the basement of the church was completed. The people then bought a church already built on Gold Street. In 1972-1973, property was bought and the present building was erected here at 1364 Stanley Street. The congregation moved into the new facility September 2, 1973, for worship.

There have been a number of pastors that have done an excellent job and the church grew under there leadership. The current Pastor  Robert and Vicky MacDonald. They came to assume the pastoral leadership in 2016.

In the years of our past we have witnessed a move of God’s grace and blessing. There have been heartaches, heartbreaks, disappointments, tragedies, and some have turned away from the church, but a multitude have followed Christ and have been faithful to His cause and call.  Now members are witnessing to others locally, across the nation and around the world.

This is our HERITAGE and as we look at our past with warm feelings, we look at our future with great anticipation, knowing that God is still building His church and the gates of hell shall not be able to resist its message and its power.

Thank God for Lighthouse Family Worship Center, a place where we can meet with God in prayer and in refreshing Pentecostal worship, and where fellowship of the saints of God is ever sweet.