A few years ago I had the privilege of being on a worship team over a weekend with an unbelievably anointed man of God as the leader. During one of our practices he told the following story. I want to share it with you today because it has never left me and I believe it is relevant not only to worshippers but to all Christians.



“I have a friend who is kind of a hippy. Not the way out there type but just a little on the naturalist side of things. He is also a devoted and God fearing Christian. One day he was out for a drive in the country and came across a field of wildflowers. As he was driving by he began to feel God’s very familiar voice in his spirit say ‘silk flowers.’ A little confused at first he dismissed the voice and continued on his way. Again the voice came, ‘silk flowers.’ This time he felt the need to correct God and remind Him that these were not silk flowers, they were wildflowers. He drove on in silence and once more the voice of God came and said, ‘silk flowers.’ Well, this time he got it. He pulled over and began to pray and ask God what he was trying to tell him. He got out of his car and began to walk through the field of flowers and as he did little details began to jump out at him. He saw one with wilted petals, another had a broken stem, some had torn leaves and still others had been completely crushed and broken. He continued to walk through the field and another thing began to stand out to him, he was completely overcome by the beautiful aroma that these wildflowers produced. Then it all came together. God had been speaking to him about silk flowers to get him to see a point. Silk flowers are perfect, you know the ones. They cost a small fortune at a craft store. These flowers are designed to be the epitome of each specimen. They have no flaws, no broken stems, no wilted petals, no missing leaves. They are the best of the best and beautiful to look at. But these perfect flowers lack one thing, they have no aroma. And yet these wildflowers with all of their imperfections offer an aroma that is second to none.”


You see, our worship and spiritual life are very much the same thing. We can strive for outward perfection, we can cover up every one of our flaws and shortcomings but in doing so we lose our aroma to God. But when we come to Him with all of our flaws exposed and lift them up before Him with open hands our worship becomes a pleasing fragrance to Him. God already knows our hearts, He already knows that you are broken, wounded, confused, lost, scared, or any number of the things we try to hide from Him. You are not alone in feeling these things and it is not a secret from God so come to Him willingly with these things. Share your deepest thoughts with Him, share your insecurities.


I am reminded of the story of Mary when she anoints the feet of Jesus with perfume. In order for her to do what she did she completely exposed herself. Every eye in the room would have been on her as she made her way to Jesus and bowed at His feet. She became vulnerable and received criticism for her offering. But when she opened the box and poured it out on His feet the Bible says that the fragrance filled the whole house. Not just the room that she was in, but the WHOLE house. Can you imagine what would happen if you allow yourself the same vulnerability? Now I’m not saying to shout your business from the rooftops, but to bring ALL of these things to God. Lay them at His feet, offer them to Him. Surrender in humility. When you come to God in humility and offer all of yourself to Him you may be surprised at just how far the fragrance extends. Stop hiding your imperfections, instead, use them to worship God. Be a wildflower.