God wants only the Best




By Teri Couture



The phone rang as I watched my TV

It was my neighbor’s little boy on the phone for me

A little voice sounded frightened and shaky

Do you know where my mommy and daddy are, lady?


They aren’t at home; they were supposed to be.

They were coming by plane, at half past three.

Can you please help me find them? They don’t answer their phone,

And I’m too little to be left here alone.


I ran to that house, to that scared little boy

And held him and kissed him; it brought him some joy.

But how do I tell him the truth I now knew?

What do I tell him?  What do I do?


With tears streaming down, and a wrenched broken heart,

I told him the story right from the start.

I said, “God looked down from heaven today.

He told an angel to find those who pray.”


“Bring them to Me, bring only the best,

I want to give them a nice place to rest.

I have beautiful mansions, right here up above

And I want the best people to fill them with love.”


The angel flew down and started his search

He heard people praying and saw a plane lurch.

These must be the ones that need God’s rest.

They’re calling on Him, they must be His best.


The angel guided the large plane on his wings

And he presented these people to the King of Kings.

“Here are the ones You wanted to see,

They sure look and sound like the best ones to me!”


The little boy’s eyes filled up with big tears

But I was glad to see wonder replace all his fears.

Are my mommy and daddy there with the rest?

Yes, God took them to heaven, He chose only the best.

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