If I could see inside my heart
And if I had a shopping cart
I would follow the pitter patter and
I’d try to pick things that really matter.

First, I’d see if there was love
That’s a gift right from above.
Next I’d look for a box of happiness
That’s the 2nd thing on my shopping list.

Third, I’d try to look for peace
So all the troubles inside would cease.
Gentleness would be next to find
And oh, I would also look for a way to be kind.

A good dose of meekness will surely follow
For I’m sure I have many words to swallow.
Of course, that would lead to self-control
Well, now I’m really on a roll!

Long suffering is kind of hard to find
You have to look between the lines
Goodness and faith will be added and then
I can check them all off with a flick of my pen.

These are the things that everyone needs
These are the things on which hearts should feed.
But the best thing of all; the thing of great cost
Is what the Savior did for me on the cross!!

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