What does it mean to have your SOUL love someone?

I’ll try it. Here goes,


A few days ago I was told by a few people that I needed to consider writing. If you knew me then you may understand why I found these suggestions rather amusing. One friend in particular, who shall remain nameless, (for now) was especially persistent. At each request I was left thinking, “what in the world would I write” and “who in their right mind would read it?” However, my friend was relentless. I was told that our church website needed someone “engaging” to draw people in. I explained that I am not the first person that comes to mind when someone is looking for engaging. My friend replied, “You are when you write.” As if my own recognition of my personality weaknesses wasn’t enough (thanks for that Josh). Anyway, I gave up and agreed to at least give it a try. So, welcome to the chaos that is my mind. I will occasionally share insights and thoughts or just some random foolishness. Feel free to comment, as long as you play nice. If you choose not to play nice; well, I simply cannot be held responsible for what may be written in my next post.


December 13, 2013


In fifteen days I will be turning 26. In fifteen days I will once again be reminded that another year has gone by and I am still single (since some people seem to think I don’t already know this.) It seems like every year from about this time until that magical day in February I am plagued by intense loneliness, yes it happens to the best of us. For some time now I have found myself anxiously awaiting the day that I could use a scripture that says “I have found the one whom my soul loves…” Song of Solomon 3:4. God has brought me back to that scripture for the time being and caused me to ask this question, “What does it mean to have your SOUL love someone?” Now when we think of love there are some pretty general associations, we think about all the emotion and the romance, we think about caring for someone more than ourselves, maybe we even think about sacrifice. We think about the heart, but do we ever think about the soul? To love someone from the soul sounds so much deeper, a heart is a physical thing but the soul is eternal. The heart will one day die and decompose but the soul will live on forever. I have made a great mistake in looking for the one that would steal my heart instead of spending time with the one who sacrificed to win my soul. My God has been trying so hard to get me to see these things and to come to Him in my loneliness, to come and talk to Him like my best friend. When I began to do this though, something amazing happened; I found that it was fulfilling and enriching and inspiring. At the same time, God began to bring other friends into my life that push me even closer to Him. It’s amazing just how much God blesses us when we forget about our own agenda and wish lists and let our souls become one with His.  So this year, as the holidays approach and I am once again reminded of my loneliness God has drawn very near to me. I say that He has drawn near to me because I really wasn’t asking Him to, it kind of just happened. He has filled me with a joy that I can’t fully express and I have an ability to laugh like I haven’t done in a very long time. As all of this has been happening I’ve been thinking, “you know what, this joy and laughter feels an awful lot like falling in love.” As those words left my mouth I understood, I don’t need to keep looking for “The One” because my soul has already found Him. But there’s even more than that; the joy and laughter that comes from a human love fades, and is worn over time. There is hurt that takes place and joy is easily stolen away. But the joy and laughter that comes from God is one that cannot be tampered with. It is a pure love, a holy love. Now don’t take me wrong and think I’m bashing falling in love. I’m not. But I’m saying that for this time in my life I am experiencing love that is far beyond anything I have ever known and it brings me such joy that I am content to rest in it but I also welcome any new blessings God wants to send my way. It is a love that I hope you find this Christmas season. Christmas is the embodiment of love. Christmas is the beginning of the great battle for your soul, it’s not a battle like there has ever been or ever will be again. It is a battle that is waged through ultimate and uncompromising love. I invite you to think about this, have you found the one whom your soul loves?


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