(*Note: This is not my original idea.  Got it from a devotional by Tracie Miles and turned into a Mimi story!)



“Time for bed,” Mom yelled from the kitchen.

“Aw….,” said Rebecca, Jake and Nate at the same time.


They were having fun playing a board game with Mimi and Pepere and really didn’t want to go to bed.  But being the OBEDIENT children that they are (ahem)…they went off to brush their teeth.


When they were done they begged Mimi for a bedtime story.  They sat on the sofa and waited anxiously for her to begin.


Mimi scoured the living room for something to use for her story.  Her eyes spotted Mommy’s old sock monkey sitting on a bookshelf – a reminder of a childhood favorite.  She went over to the sock monkey and picked it up.  She looked at it lovingly and had a flashback of her little girl hugging it tightly every night as she drifted off to sleep.


She sat down holding the sock monkey on her lap as she began her tale.


“Once upon a time”, she began, “there was a dull, brown piece of fabric that would sit quietly on the shelf in a fabric store each day, desperately longing for someone to notice him. From his place on the dusty shelf, he had a bird’s eye view of all the beautiful fabrics that he felt were so much better than he was.


He admired the fabrics of bright orange and pink polka dots that would one day be made  into a frilly dress for a little girl; the fabrics with beautiful stripes that would make wonderful curtains for beautiful homes; the fabrics with tassels and shimmering coins dangling from their edges; and all of the ‘fun fabrics’, decorated with colorful cartoon characters.


But he was just a boring old piece of brown fabric. Nothing special. Nothing elegant. Nothing valuable. Old. Outdated. Worthless.  Certainly nothing worthy of being transformed into anything new and wonderful.


One spring day, an old woman wandered into the store. The brown piece of fabric could tell she was a seamstress by the wrinkled tape measure around her neck and the rusty thimble on her finger.


As she moved around the store, continually brushing wisps of white hair from her face, she seemed to be searching for something special. Suddenly, her eyes fell upon the little piece of brown fabric tucked shyly away in the corner.


He dared to think that maybe, just maybe, she would see something special in him.

As the woman drew closer, his heart began to race. She gently picked him up and headed towards the cash register, adding buttons, fabric scraps, and thread into her hands along the way.


When the seamstress returned home, she started to sew.  Mimi watched her in amazement.  Wow, she thought, she sure goes fast!  I wonder what she is making.


Gradually, the old seamstress transformed the piece of old brown fabric into an adorable new sock monkey, to be loved and cherished by her grandchildren. He would make a difference in the hearts of children for many generations, she thought.


The little piece of brown fabric, who thought he had no purpose, was made into something new in the hands of the seamstress. Although he felt worthless at one time, she looked beyond what he was; beyond his old life as a scrap of fabric. She saw him as something new, and helped him discover his value and hidden beauty.”


Mimi thought for a moment and said, “You know, kids, God gently reminds me how I once felt just like that old piece of brown fabric sitting on the shelf. Ashamed, overlooked, unimportant, and not as great as others. I didn’t see how anything about me or my past – any of the old stuff – could be valuable. I felt like a scrap of leftover material.

He helped me remember that I have been transformed by Him, and although I spent most of life not seeing my hidden potential, He always had a plan and a purpose for me.

Just like that little piece of brown fabric, which was transformed from something old into something new, we are new creations in Christ.”


Mimi looked at Rebecca, Jake and Nate and added, “Remember, God sees your value and hidden potential. And He wants to help you see it, too.  Let’s pray.  The kids bowed their head as Mimi prayed, “Dear Lord, help me remember that I became a new creation when I accepted You as my Savior, and that my value is in You and You alone. Thank You for Your promise of having a plan and a purpose just for me. Help me to embrace the plans You have for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


“Thanks, Mimi.  That was a good story, and a good lesson too!” said Rebecca.  Jake and Nate nodded.  They hugged Mimi and went off to bed.  Rebecca turned around and came back.  She gently took the sock monkey from Mimi’s hand and hugged it tight as she brought it to bed with her.  Mimi and Mommy looked at each other and smiled.


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

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