Mimi was getting ready to teach a class to the kids in the church on the Israelites getting out of Egypt.  Of course, she started to daydream about what that would be like and well….one thing led to another and her thoughts took over.


There she was sitting around the campfire with all of her grandkids.  They were eating roasted lamb.  Some of the kids didn’t like lamb, but Mimi made them eat it.  They had already painted the doorposts of the house and were ready to go at the drop of a hat.


“Don’t pack anything,” Mimi had told them.  “We have to be ready to go as soon as Moses tells us to move.”


That night when they were going to bed fully clothed, the call came.


“Get up!!  Get up!!!” yelled Mimi as she ran like a madwoman from room to room.  Jake and Nathan sprang up in bed.  They were disoriented at first, but then they remembered to grab their bags of gold and silver that they got from the Egyptians (as Moses had asked them to do) and they were on their way.


Alexa and Giana were running to catch up to Mimi who looked like she was in a marathon race or something!  Mimi looked behind her and counted.  Up in the back came Rebecca.  Yep, there are five there.  Good.  She kept on running.


Soon they came to the Red Sea and heard the horses and chariots behind them.  “The Egyptians are coming in their chariots!” yelled Rebecca.


“What’s a ‘chariot’? asked Giana.  Alexa explained that it was like a car, but lots older and it was driven by horses.  Giana’s eyes got big.  “Horses can drive cars?” she asked in amazement.


“Never mind, I’ll tell you later,” said Alexa.


“We have bigger things to worry about now,” said Rebecca as she looked behind her and in front of her.  Egyptians were coming at a fast rate of speed behind them and the Red Sea was in front of her.


“I can’t swim!” said Giana, knowing she would have to go into the sea to get away.  She started crying.


“Don’t cry,” said Jake as he put his arm around her.  “You can hang on to me.”


Just then a cloud came between them and the Egyptians and they couldn’t see them any more.


“Hey!  Where did they go?” asked Nate.


“Who cares?” said Mimi.  “As long as we get away from them, we’ll be ok.”


“I think we should start praying,” said Mommy.


“Good idea,” said Pere as he gathered the family around them and began to pray.


Soon, an answer to their prayers was in sight.  Pere’s jaw dropped as he watched Moses put out his stick.  He heard the wind blow.  He saw it push the sea into two walls with a path in between.  Then he saw the wind dry up the ground!”


Everyone was just standing there, not daring to believe their eyes!


“Cool!” yelled Rebecca.


“Yeah, cool!” yelled Jake.


They walked over on the other side on DRY ground!!!


Then they watched the last Hebrew come across just as the cloud went away and the Egyptians were all drowned in the sea.


Everyone started jumping for joy.  Everyone started giving praise to God and dancing.  It was then that Mimi noticed that Rebecca had on a short skirt, halter top and 6” heels!!!  WHAT????


Rebecca saw Mimi’s gaze and knew that she did not like her choice of clothing or shoes.  “But Mimi,” she started to say.  “Everyone is wearing these!  I can just get more clothes tomorrow and I promise I’ll get some sneakers.”


Little did she know she would be walking around in those same shoes for 40 years.  And there were no malls to buy more clothes and no money either.  Whatever would they do?


She would have to take care of that later.  Right now, she loaded the kids on the camels and they started on their journey.


It was hot and dry in the desert.  After two days of traveling, from the back seat of the camel, came the question that drives every parent CRAZY:  “Are we there yet?”


“Um….does it look like we are there?” asked Mimi.


“I don’t know,” whined Alexa.  “It all looks the same to me.  Just dirt and sun, lots of sun and lots of dirt!”


After 30 days of traveling, it sure looked the same all right and Mimi was sure that they had passed by the same sagebrush bush at least 3 times, but Mimi was really good at getting lost.  That’s what she does best.  If there’s a wrong way to turn, she will turn there.  Never fails!  And Mimi had not been able to pack her GPS either.  But then again, all it ever said to her was “Turn around when possible!” so I guess that wasn’t the answer anyway.  No, they would just have to trust Moses’ leading.


The next day, Giana got up and came over to the table made of rocks.


“Hi, Mimi,” she said.


“Good morning, sweetheart,” answered Mimi.


“What’s for breakfast?” asked Giana.


Oh no!  Not again, thought Mimi.  She asks that every single day!!!


“Manna,” said Mimi softly.


“Oh,” answered Giana just as softly.





“What are we having for lunch?”


“Manna” answered Mimi.




Mimi knew the next question would be ‘What’s for dinner?”  So she automatically said, “Manna.”


Giana shrugged and ate her manna.


The other kids got up and some of them asked the same question.  This went on for (believe it or not!) 40 whole years.  Every single day.  Mimi wished she had brought her tape recorder so she could just press the button that got stuck on the word ‘manna’.  Really, you think they would have gotten tired of getting the same answer, right?


Well, they did.  Everyone started complaining that they wanted meat.  So Moses prayed and a bunch of quail fell from the sky.  Plop!  Onto the ground, ready to cook.  At first everyone was so excited.  Except Pere.  He didn’t like the quail.  But eventually, he imagined it was chicken and he was happy.


Everyone in the camp started complaining again.  “I wish we had leeks and garlic to go with our meal!”


“Whose leaking?” asked Alexa.


Mimi explained that leeks were like an onion only milder.


“Ew!  Not me,” said Giana and Jake.  “I don’t like leeks and I hate garlic too!  I want my manna plain.”


“One plain manna coming right up,” said Mimi.


“Hey!” yelled Giana.  “You gave Alexa a bigger piece of manna than you gave me!”  She started to pout. “That’s not fair! You love Alexa more than you love me!  Hmmmmphhhh!!!”


Mimi sat the kids down that night.  She was upset that everyone in the camp was complaining about the food.  She wanted the kids to know that was not ok.


She started her story and explained that there are three things that happened in the camp that God does not like.


  1. Comparing – when people are upset, they start comparing… getting a smaller piece of manna than someone else.
  2. This leads to complaining – “that’s not fair!”
  3. Finally, the last step is criticizing those in charge – (You love Alexa more than me.)


Giana felt bad.  She got up and gave her manna to Alexa.  Alexa hugged her.  “What a good sister you are!” said Alexa.


All of the kids prayed that night that they would not compare, complain or criticize even if everyone else in the camp was doing it.


They were surprised when all of the adults, including Mimi, said that at one time or another, they had done the same.  They had times when they had the problem with the ‘three Cs” too.


“Group hug!” yelled Daddy.


Everyone gave a big hug to everyone and now there were big smiles all around.


“Now,” said Mimi.  “I think we are ready to end this 40 year thing.  I think we’ve all learned what God wanted us to learn.  What do you think?


“YAY!!!” yelled everyone in unison.


And that’s how it all happened…..way back in Egypt.  (Well, in Mimi’s thoughts, that is!)

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